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Modern Bathroom Designs For Small Spaces

Even the smallest bathrooms can be adorned with modern style. In this cool bathroom designed by Keren Richter, a deep navy paint color ties together plaid floor tiles and bead board wallpaper.

Pale painted walls and ceilings open a room up, allowing it to feel bigger. This is a great small bathroom color idea to incorporate in woodwork, window frames and any edging above like picture rails.

Over-Shower Bath

The right bathroom wall decor can bring a room to life. Here, a framed piece of artwork, a small plant, and some stacked woven baskets add interest to the modern bathroom without compromising space.

A simple but effective modern bathroom design idea is to use a shower curtain that doesn’t cover the entire bath. This allows natural light to flood in, a must for cramped spaces.

If you don’t have enough floor space for a tub, try a free-standing slipper tub like this one from Keren Richter of White Arrow Design. The stubby shape saves on width while the mirrored back and wall-mounted faucets create a strong visual focal point.

Embrace hygge (the Danish concept of cozy living) with this small bathroom from Apartment 34 that embraces the popular wood-themed look. The wood-toned tile and textured walls help the room feel less cramped while a modern pendant and backlit box shelves give the space added depth.

Wall-Mounted Mixer Taps

A bathroom should provide comfort and a place for relaxation, but an outdated or cramped space can make the room feel unpleasant. Use these modern bathroom ideas to transform a utilitarian area into a cocooning retreat.

Bold patterns and colors can liven up a stark, modern design. In this powder room, a floral wallpaper adds excitement and eye-catching color without overwhelming the simple white walls and dark marble counters.

When it comes to modern bathroom designs, wide tiles make a space feel bigger than narrower ones. In this compact bathroom, the homeowners chose a larger tile to create an expansive visual effect, while a glass shower enclosure and recessed shelving ensure that the space doesn’t feel cluttered.

This tiny bathroom shows that you don’t need to sacrifice storage in a tight space. In this case, homeowners turned a hidden cabinet into a stylish accent with clear shelves and white paneling.

Hexagonal and Metro Tiles

There are a variety of ways to make a style statement with hexagonal bathroom tiles. From a single contrasting color to a spell it out style the geometric shape is a timeless and on-trend addition to any bathroom design.

Small hex tile flooring is a classic retro option that works for any style of modern bathroom, but the larger size can also be used on walls to produce a striking feature wall. Here, black hex tiles with white grout define the shape of this bathroom’s walls and add an eye-catching texture to the space.

Alternatively, a bespoke map-style hexagonal tile design is a cool way to frame a freestanding bath, while smart grey panelling helps visually reduce clutter on the walls and box in pipework behind the bath. Using metro tiles in a stacked design also creates definition and a modern feel. Adding a touch of pattern with a strip of hexagonal tiles above the vanity is a simple way to add character to the design.

Discreet Storage

If you’re trying to squeeze a full-sized tub into a narrow bathroom like this one from @renovation_at_5a, it helps to have creative storage solutions to conceal the bulky plumbing. This space makes use of the ceiling height with wall-mounted shelving that is both functional and decorative, adorned with bright decor to elevate the look of this tight loo.

Using the same paint color throughout a small bathroom will create a seamless look that doesn’t divide the room. Here, the same pale hue is used on the floor, vanity, and edging above the windows to make this small bathroom feel bigger.

Bringing in natural light is important for cramped rooms, but blocking it with heavy curtains isn’t always feasible. Instead, this attic bathroom from tim_scrbg relies on rich materials to do the visual heavy lifting, with a bespoke map wallpaper that adds interest and an accent wall of Portuguese tiles providing excitement and character.

Living Wall

Adding a wall of greenery is a stylish way to freshen up a bathroom. A planter frame filled with fern-like plants looks great in small bathrooms because they have short roots and don’t require much water. You can also try creating a living wall of succulents or moss to add natural texture to your home decor.

A clever way to make a small bathroom feel bigger is by zoning the space. Designers often use partial walls to separate a walk-in shower from the basin or toilet. In this smart design from Louis Duncan-He Designs, a porcelain wood-effect tile acts as a partial wall behind the basin and mirror, and complements a bespoke black and white illustrated wallpaper above.

Using pale colors in small rooms can visually open up the space as they reflect light more than darker shades. Tongue-and-groove panelling framed by smart grey paint, like the choice in this attic room by Wolf Lewitt, makes a stylish backdrop for a trove of vases and ceramics.

Over-Sized Mirror

A large mirror instantly makes a bathroom feel bigger and creates a sense of space in tight spaces. Expert tip – choose one with a frame that suits your style. For a modern, sleek look opt for a frameless or minimally framed mirror, while a more traditional bathroom can benefit from a curved or antique-inspired design.

Embrace a touch of drama with a bold bathroom paint color, interesting floor tiles or a stunning bathroom fixture. A stunning free-standing tub is a great option for habitual soakers who don’t have a huge footprint to work with in a small bathroom.

For a more sophisticated small bathroom idea, introduce rich materials and textures with crown molding, wooden storage bins and a textured wall like the charcoal brick in this stylish space. White counters and a simple subway tiled bath also help keep the room light and streamlined, while white-framed windows allow natural light to stream in to elongate the room.

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