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Bedroom Ceiling Design With Fan

Bedroom ceiling design ideas add beauty and transform a room. Wood panelling adds an elegance, especially when a designer fan is added in the centre of the tray false ceiling.

A black framed bed is arranged under the ceiling dressed in white blankets and striped accent pillows. Natural wood nightstands hold vases, trinkets and a large black picture frame.

Coffered White Ceiling

A coffered white ceiling in a bedroom creates a regal look. The coffered design is a good choice for bedrooms that have a lot of decorative pieces or shelves, as it helps to keep the space organized and clean. The ceiling also looks beautiful when the room has a light color scheme.

If you don’t want to go for a coffered false ceiling, try this simple tray ceiling idea instead. This type of ceiling is easy to install and maintain and works well with any sized bedroom. It also has a unique look that will catch the eye of any visitor to your home.

Another unique idea for a ceiling is to make it out of wood panels. This is a great choice for bedrooms that have dark accent walls, as the wooden panels will match and create a cohesive appearance. The wood paneled ceiling in this bedroom features a pendant lamp and a white fan hanging above a beige upholstered bed dressed with striped blankets and pillows.

For a modern style, you can use a simple wooden extended tray false ceiling in your bedroom. The wood will create a natural look, and the addition of the fan makes this ceiling design even more elegant. This false ceiling is also a great choice for any sized bedroom, as it can be adapted to any interior style.

White Wood Beams

While paint colors, flooring, and furniture pieces get the most attention when designing a room, ceilings are an overlooked area to add texture and create visual interest. Whether you choose to keep them natural for a rustic feel or give them a fresh coat of white to make them stand out, wood beams offer the perfect finishing touch for any space.

Reclaimed wood beams provide an easy way to add character to a living space while keeping the budget in check. While old, salvaged beams look authentic, they can be a costly addition to your home, especially if you have high ceilings or multiple trusses. To save money while still achieving the same aesthetic, consider using faux wood beams. These are lightweight, easier to install, and more durable than real wood.

A brushed nickel ceiling fan hangs from the white painted wood beam of this vaulted shiplap ceiling in this bedroom with blue and gray bedding. The bedroom also features a tufted black headboard, a pair of grey accent chairs, and a rattan floor lamp.

A dark stain on your ceiling beams is a great way to emphasize height in a space without overwhelming the room. For example, this living space by Shannon Adamson Interior Design features charcoal-colored decorative beams that blend in perfectly with the rest of the room’s neutral accouterments.

Tray Ceiling

Tray ceilings have long been a staple design for master bedrooms, adding elegance and offering a standout look that differentiates the space from other areas of the home. They can be simple or elaborate depending on the room’s style. For example, this dining room features a series of simple tray ceilings interlocked to create one standout look, giving the space a modern feel while retaining an organic appeal.

Trays can be built from gypsum boards or foam for a budget-friendly option that can still make an impact. The boards can also be painted or finished without trim for a more minimalist aesthetic. Crown molding can be added for more traditional styles, and a variety of lighting fixtures can be used to emphasize the shape of the ceiling.

The depth perception of a tray ceiling can also help make rooms feel bigger than they are. This is especially important for rooms with low ceilings, which can be a challenge to decorate.

Tray ceilings can be a great canvas for ceiling art, with options including stencils, painted murals, and patterned wallpaper. The recessed area also offers a unique frame for lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers or ceiling fans. To minimize construction time, look for kits and premade moldings with a range of designs to suit any style. These components can be cut to size with a miter saw for quick installation.

White Wood Ceiling with Dark Wood Exposed Beams

White coffered ceilings with dark wood beams create a beautiful contrast in this bedroom. The exposed beams add a rustic look to the room and match the wood tones of the furniture. The white bedding on the bed is complemented by the red border of the area rug.

The square cutout ceiling holds a black fan with clear light covers in this bedroom. A gray upholstered headboard stands behind the bed dressed in white and beige accent pillows. A framed picture and a wooden bench sit at the foot of the bed. Matching nightstands stand on each side of the bedroom and hold a filigree white lamp with a clear shade and beige accents.

Using real wood for ceiling beams was impractical and expensive, so this homeowner opted for faux ones instead. She used framing lumber and painted them a dark color to give the space a traditional look. The decorative beams are a great addition to the home’s architecture and make the ceiling look more stylish.

A simple and minimalistic design for your small bedrooms can be achieved by incorporating a slanted ceiling with a simple fan. This design helps to highlight the room light and makes it a focal point of the bedroom. You can also paint the beams with a lighter color to add an extra pop to your bedroom decor.

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