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How to Dress for a Friends Wedding in Summer

If you’ve been invited to a friends wedding in summer, it’s time to start thinking about your look. Light colors and breathable fabrics are essential.

If the dress code is casual, try this floral print dress with a tie front and waist cutouts for a sexy flair. Complete the look with a pair of lace up oxfords or leather loafers.


You’ve received an invite to a wedding this summer, but you’re not quite sure how formal to dress. A black tie keeps the vibes fairly formal, but you may not want to wear a traditional three-piece suit in hot weather. The best option is to go with a smart blazer and dress pants, which you can still shed if it gets too warm.

If the wedding is outdoors or at a casual venue like a beach or garden, consider a lightweight linen suit. It’s breathable, looks polished, and can be worn with either a striped or solid dress shirt. A paisley silk tie makes this look even more on-trend.

Another option is a khaki suit in a light color. This two-piece from Buck Mason is ideal for casual destination weddings, and it’s made with a breathable cotton fabric. If you’re planning to wear this for a more formal event, choose a darker shade like charcoal or navy blue and pair it with a white dress shirt. Choose a suit with a half or unlined lining, as it will be lighter than a fully lined one.


If your friends wedding is in the summer, you might want to opt for a lighter fabric than what you would wear for a winter wedding. Wool can feel a little too warm in this kind of weather and is best saved for colder occasions. A linen blend is a lighter choice that you can still keep cool in and it’s also crease-resistant.

Seersucker cotton is another option that’s breathable and a great pick for a summer wedding. It’s a lightweight choice that can be worn in semi-formal occasions and it looks great when styled with a tie, chinos and polished dress shoes.

Blue is an all-round good color to wear for a wedding as it’s formal enough for evening events and winter weddings, but it can work well in warmer weather too. If you want to stand out in a seaside or tropical wedding, then look for a blue two-piece suit and accessorize with a stylish linen pocket square with hand rolled contrasting edges or a paisley silk tie. These will look incredibly refined and sophisticated at the same time, so they’re the ideal finishing touch to your outfit.


If your friend’s wedding is being held at a beach, or somewhere else that’s likely to be warm and sunny, then you should opt for trousers in a light summer fabric. Seersucker, linen and tropical wool are all ideal choices as they’re breathable and help to keep you cool. You can also team your trousers with a linen sport coat for a balanced approach to casual wedding attire, completing your outfit with a pair of crisp loafers or brogues.

If your friends wedding is a formal affair, you should stick with a darker suit shade such as navy blue that’s both smart and comfortable. However, if you’re attending a casual or destination wedding, then you can be more playful with fabrics and colors. This fun plaid two-piece is a great choice for a casual summer wedding, as it’s made from a lightweight linen blend and features a trendy paisley pattern. It’s the perfect combination of stylish and relaxed, and you can wear it with a classic striped tie from The Dark Knot for a look that will really stand out.


Summer weddings are known for warm temperatures and clear skies, but they can also be a sweaty nightmare if you don’t dress appropriately. If the wedding is a semi-formal event, opt for a two-piece suit or blazer with a great shirt and polished dress shoes. Add a character bow tie or necktie and a linen pocket square to finish the look.

For more casual events, keep the look smart but relaxed with a pair of classic chinos and a light patterned sport coat. You can even let seasonal colors work into your outfit by pairing a pastel purple sport coat with tan chinos and brown suede shoes.

If you’re attending a formal summer wedding, it’s best to err on the side of caution and go with a full suit. Opt for a classic navy or gray suit that you can re-wear at any time, and add a fun touch like a striped pattern or a bright color in your tie or bow tie to give the look a unique twist. If you’re wearing a dark suit, choose one that has a lighter fabric, such as wool and linen, to combat the heat.


While men’s shoes aren’t typically a big part of the outfit at most weddings, they’re still an important finishing touch. If the dress code is formal, stick with classic cap-toe oxfords for sleek and minimal style. If the wedding is casual, loafers or derby shoes in tan or dark brown can make for expressive shoe choices without looking too dressy.

Loafers are also a great option for summer weddings. They’re breathable and can be worn sockless or with no-show socks, which will help keep your feet cool. If you want to go more formal, a modern square or brogue slip-on dress shoe is an expressive choice that will keep your look elevated.

For semi-formal weddings, you can usually get away with a pair of smart chinos and a slim shirt. A linen sport coat is a balanced approach for a casual summer celebration, and crisp loafers or mule shoes will complement your look.

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